The Buxton family has been breeding whitetail deer and longhorns over the course of 43 years in Iredell, Texas. Now, four generations strong, our family heritage is ranching. While the ranch hasn’t seen longhorns for many years our love for the breed hasn’t waned. At the advice of friends, we went to a sale in Fort Worth and that reignited our love for this unique and incredible animal.

We’ve returned to our original Buxton passion - Texas Longhorns. We were very fortunate to have success in breeding whitetail deer, ultimately breeding some of the biggest and best deer in Texas. More importantly we made lifetime friends along the way and have had fun in the process. Our hope is that we will be able to apply the lessons we learned and knowledge we gained raising whitetails to another spectacular breed…the Texas Longhorns. Certainly, we are looking forward to growing our friendship circle and having more fun! Come and visit our family ranch we look forward to meeting you.



Hubbells 20 Gauge x Hubbells Tiger Lily

71.25” TT on 6/13/23

Reserve Grand Champion
2022 Legends Futurity

Class Champion
2022 Horn Showcase Futurity